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Love gone wrong


No more 'bless you' when you sneeze,

No more kisses when you leave,

No more eyes across a book,

No more secret 'come on' looks.


No more crisp white shirts for work,

No more girlie gifts for her,

No more joy in just belonging,

No more cuddles, no more bonding.


No more giggles on the phone,

No one there when you get home,

Only one car on the drive,

Sheets are cold in bed tonight.


No more playing with her hair,

No more special times to share,

No more lovey-dovey ways,

No more pillow fight Sundays.


No more cross words left to say,

The oven's cold it's take-away,

How you wish you'd bit your tongue,

All the signs of love gone wrong.


© Joseph G Dawson