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A  blind romantic
is not a magician. They have no tricks
     They move too fast maybe
      The air becomes too. thick
they project way too far ahead in the future
there words are not sugar coated but pure deep and sure
    A blind romantic they are not narrow minded but are very thick
    A blind romantic they are genuine and real with no trick
a blind romantic they will apologize for being so straight forward and real
when they feel something real. That have a most difficult time holding back rawly what they feel
     A blind romantic they mean what they choose to heart fully say
      They are very wise in life and know really know through time and gods will what will happen and what will come to be come what may
A blind romantic has to be reminded and understand and come to know
to just let go let God and come what will be   Take it kinda slow. Be your best and easy as you go
  a blind romantic can be extreme and frantic
  do what you say. Say what you mean. Let your words be true and like super glue last and stick

11. December. 2015
by. John. D. Jungers

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A. Blind. Romantic