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The Cold War

Lots of prying eyes

Secrets and stories

Rumours and lies


The Man Who Never Was

For just a little while

Strapped to a Twin Pin seat

With a fixed and forced smile.

They hadnt bothered to tell me,

Until nearly in the air.

I wasn’t on the manifest,

Officially I wasn’t there.


The Invisible man

Feeling a little stressed

They all in uniform,

Me civilian dressed.

I didnt like their instructions;

In the event of a bad day

If we are forced down

You must quickly run away.


Such an embarrassment

If I were to be found

Still on board the Twin Pin

After it was on the ground.

The propellors churned 

In a clear blue sky

And we crossed to safety

By and by.


Amazed to be on steady legs

More afraid that I might stagger.

No longer The Man Who Never Was

I managed to leave with a swagger.

So pleased when

I was allowed to go

I’m not really the type

To be a hero.

The Cold War Medal,

Although I was there, 

Athough I’m entitled,

Is one I’ll never wear.

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Invisible Man