lost and then found

Finding love

Be still my heart
Is the start of something new
She has the reigns
I wont break the chains
If you told me I would be happy
And showed me how you cared
I feel that you have showed me
What no women ever dared
It was love and hard life leasons
You took my heart in all directions
I only knew you wanted freedom
And said we were just lovers Not together
WE stretched out for these meetings much bliss
And the passionate kiss that turned into so much more
We pined for each other when we took a break
Its one month later
And Im thinking move on
Then she calls me
And tells me she misses me
Correct I did too
But I would not give in wright away
She almost cried her eyes out
Then she came back and told me how she feels
And said that she understands
If I don't care no more
I told her come closer
Could not break away
As we gathered closer
Our bond stronger that day
We talked on the way
she ask me to go
Where she was going
And I said yes lets go
we loved on the way
Almost late where were going
Smells of loving give way
For we could not hide it
The gleam in our eyes
Some things last forever
And some never find
If not for the circumstance
The romance would have failed
For when she came back
Iknew my life had changed
No matter the anger
Or hate from before
Our hearts they surrendered
To love evermore

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Finding love

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