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When Noah builded

 His Gopherwood Ark,

  Filled with animals

For his floating Park,

Nobody noticed stowing away

Both Calorie and Quark.


The Quark, re-discovered 

 Quite recently,

Made no trouble in any way

For folk like you and me.

The same can't be said for

That infernal calorie.


Sneaking into every single

Edible thing

Lurking like wasp with 

Its evil sting

Causing distress and woe 

And fattening.


 I've never seen a calorie

Not sure if they're even true

But if I ever meet one

I know just what I'll do;

I'll take my walking stick

To give it a whack or two,



Chanting out all the time

Calorie Calorie vile and rude

Causing me to swell

With fatitude

Until my pants have

 Little latitude


When Noah builded

His Gopher Wood Ark

And launched in time 

His zoological park

Why on earth did he take

Both calorie and quark.




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