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Inspiring eyes

He looked and looked again,

Fell, and found himself trapped

Forever in her smile. Lost in the

Heady-swirl of this beautiful woman's

Smouldering eyes. Eyes that drew

Him in like a moth to a flame.


He looked and looked again,

Slipped, and found himself lost in

A heavenly extravaganza of promise

And fulfilment from which he hoped never to

Be released. What man in his right mind

Could resist the invitation to love this

Beautiful creature?


He looked and looked again,

Eyes so deliciously inviting, so tempting,

So appealing, looking back into his,

Searching soul-deep for something more

Than just fine words and everyday affection.

Few men if any, have been able to touch the

Heart of this lovely creature, and fewer still

Have been able to capture the true

Essence of her being.


He looked and looked again,

And lo, those beautiful eyes had in time

Worked their wonders, and there for all to

See, was a beautiful woman who had willingly

Pledged her heart and soul to a man who had

Pledged his asking little more save to live forever

In the light of those gloriously inspiring eyes.


© Joseph G Dawson