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Heaven on earth

We held each other for a long time before

Either dared to speak, and when I tried she

Put a finger to my lips driving her lower body

Fiercely into mine. She needed love tonight and

So did I, we'd been apart too long and there

Was a pressing need to catch up.


I ran the back of my hands lightly down her

Bare arms, and she responded with a whispering

'Touch me, hold me, love me' turning her head

To meet my lips. We kissed deeply as my eager

Hands toured her voluptuous jewel of a body,

Leaning back into me in the moonlight begging to

Be taken, taken right now, this very minute, this

Very second, let no time pass,' her body cried,

'Do it now, now, now, for love is of the essence.'


My head spun wildly, my heart was in my mouth,

God, I felt alive. Every inch of flesh I possessed

Tingled with anticipation. A climax of being from

Which my giddy soul rejoiced bursting from my

Body to plunged back in again like a lightning bolt,

Sending my senses reeling. Where was I, how

Had I got here, was this what Adam first savoured?

I felt sure it was for nothing on God's earth could be

More perfect, more thrilling, than to love a woman

Who wants to be loved. Surely one of the finest day's

Work in God's considerable portfolio.


Her arms held on to me as I laid her down clinging

Tightly unwilling to let me go. She drew me hard

Into her and for the moment the only movement

Possible was the only movement that mattered,

Slow, deep and rhythmic, soon however, the pace

Quickened considerably.


Wet, exhausted and tired she fell asleep and lay

In my arms until long after sun up. I watched her

As she slowly stirred and opened her eyes and

I knew then as those beautiful eyes smiled into

Mine that there was another treasure in God's

Portfolio - Heaven on earth.


© Joseph G Dawson