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Derrick Allaway  

1920 -  2015. R.I.P.


 Standard bearers standing

 At attention and mute

Each standard dipping  

And rising in salute.


Today they burned a hero

One of the last of the few,

Silently serving for years, 

Member of a ground crew,

Working unrecognised,

Forgotten, out of sight,

One of those whose efforts

We're vital to every flight.


A solitary Hawk flew past

In  show of modern pride

Recognition of their own

On his last silent ride.


He sadly died alone.

With no family, few friends

But the Family of Veterans

Escorted him at the end,

In thanks to a quiet Hero

For the sacrifice he made

Labouring in the background

In vital, unglamorous trade.


Standard Bearers standing

At attention and mute

 Standards fell and rose

 In that final salute.


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Derrick Allaway 1920 - 2015. R.I.P.