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The night begins

The steam, the body lotion, the intimate gel,

The shampoo, the time spent together in the

Shower. The heat of the room, the shaving

Foam, the rustle of Cellophane, the scent of

New stockings, the aftershave, the perfume,

The non-existent underwear, the giddy flesh...

And then for the lady, the long preparation of

Slipping into nothing at all.


Of such stuff dreams are made and men brought

To their knees. Castles are built and fortunes made.

Nothing on earth drives a man like love especially

Tasting the apple fresh from the tree, fresh from

The shower, lovers flitting betweens rooms in

In subtle measures of déshabillé.



Chambre de monsieur; white shirt, black

Strides, gold watch, gold cuff links...

Chambre de madame: perfumed stocking,

perfumed cleavage, perfumed…

...and the night begins.

© Joseph G Dawson