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Atoning Blood

Since the fall of Adam, sin has been our curse.
It is recorded in the bible, verse after damning verse.
Arrogance and disobedience are our birthrite,
And there is one means only of blocking God's all seeing sight.

The lifeblood of an innocent lamb, without blemish or spot;
That atonement alone would suffice, to cover sin's foul blot.
Cain in his arrogance and pride, sought another way;
Yet in prideful anger, his brother he did slay.

Alas, even lambs' blood was no cure, but a symbol alone;
Much more would be needed, if man were to atone.
An eternally pure, immortal sacrifice was the aching need,
Yet who could fulfill this requirement, perform this great deed?

Throughout Heaven's glories they searched in vain,
Till the greatest among them offered to be sin's bane.
Son of the Almighty agreed to be born as a man,
To suffer and be tempted, throughout his lifespan.

The Lamb of God, was one title he earned.
Lessons he taught, yet few men learned.
He spoke only truth, yet even now they say He lied,
When all others forsook us, He alone tried.

He offered to forgive even the worst offenses,
If stubborn man would finally come to his senses.
Alas, blinded by sin man refused to listen
How Satan roared in triumph as lamb's blood did glisten.

Centuries have passed, yet the lamb's blood is fresh
For any who humble themselves and deny the bond of flesh.
Take his yoke upon you and accept the blood he shed,
The crimson price he paid for you the precious drops he bled.

(to be concluded)

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Atoning Blood