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Do I love you?

Do I love you?

Come, cuddle up and I will tell you.

I loved you even before I met you,

Before then, I'd watch the stars and

Wonder which one was you, and when

I found you, I'd stand full in your light

Hoping you'd see me, hoping you'd care.

What makes me touch you, want you?

Lay in my arms and I will tell you.

You are my dream come true, my grace in

High resolution, perfect in every way,

Faultless in love. In sum, your are Heaven

Itself, in part, each fragment divine, and when

I touch you I tingle and am bound to explore.

Can I live without you?

Squeeze in next to me and I will tell you.

When you came into my life my life began,

Before you, like the earth, before light,

All was dark, and now all is light, and you

Ask can I live without you? The answer is

No, my love, I cannot live without you,

Truth is; I cannot exist without you.


© Joseph G Dawson