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When didn't I love you?

When the moon comes peeping through

The trees, I think of you, when the stars

Outshine the day, I think of you, when my

Heart cries out for love, I think of you.


I can't think of a time when I don't think of

You, reach out and touch me if you can

Wherever you are. Lay in the dark pretend

That I'm there with you. Take my hand and

Place it where you will and I will respond and

You will know that I love you.


I have always loved you and will always love

You, my heart does not know the road to stale

Love, nor does it have a compass set to hurt.

My destination has always been the one you

Know it to be. In your arms I am alive, in your

Eyes I bathe in the pools of good fortune and in

Your bed I sleep the sleep of a contented lover.


When didn't I love you? There are no records,

No books, no documents in heaven or earth

That might even suggest such a thing. As for

Ttime, there are no clocks yet invented that

Might tick their way into my disgrace, there are

No fingers able to point to such sadness, no

Spring that may be wound as a measure of

Dismay. I have loved you since time began,

And the memory of my love will echo through

A cold still universe when all time is spent and

The Earth no longer.


You are all there is...


© Joseph G Dawson