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Jesus The Light Of The World

           How dark the World without Him would be,          
                Darkness Is spread on land or sea.
          The hope of the world rest alone with Thee,          
              There will be shadows ever and aye.
          But soon the Son chases the shadows away,          
      Jesus will help me as with this life comes what may.
             Jesus, Is the light of the world today,          
     Stars in the heavens shine but don't show the way.
      So pure and shining in the heavens so bright,          
          Pitch black with little speckles of white.
            A beautiful setting, a wonderful sight,          
             Jesus is the real and only true light.
          He is that Light that Shines night and day,          
       Nothing, not even a cloud can get in His way.
      His Light will shine brighter when ever you say,          
    With all you your pride that Jesus the light of the world today.          
                          BJ George 2003

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Jesus The Light Of The World

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