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I will always love you

A hot dusty day was coming to a close as we

Lay down in the field to count the stars. The

Sun had only just set so we watched and we

Waited until presently owl light shooed the day

Away and as each star came out we made a

Wish and with every wish a kiss, a soft beautiful

Love-drenched kiss, so deep, so passionate, I

Shed a secret tear, not for you to see, but for my

Heart to feel should I ever lose you.

Under a blanket of stars I found your soft yielding

Mouth ready to surrender to love. Your eyes met

Mine, your arms folded around me and as our lips

Met the world and its worries were lost in a lover's

Canopy of midnight blue.

The air as sweet as wine as a lazy late-rising

Moon slowly yawned its way skyward, and in its

Light, you and I, lavishly spent, lavishly grassy,

And, as the night was young, lavishly finding

Each other again.

'Do you love me?' you asked 'I will always love

You,' I replied. 'I am nothing without you.' ‘Did

My pounding heart not tell you?' ‘I love you

More than you will ever know, and when the

Sands of time finally run out there will be a

Grain of time sealed and saved forever in

Amber patiently waiting so that should time

Ever begin again, its origins, and its cry through

Newly expanding space, will be one of love, my

Love for you.'

'Do I Love you?' 'Always my love, always.'

© Joseph G Dawson