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Open Mic at The George

Goes straight to the hips

'Cos Mine Hostess Kim serves 

The world's bestest chips.


People listen to the music,

Enjoy the spoken verse,

But as time progresses

Anticipation gets worse.


As ten o'clock approcshes

Folk can hardly wait,

Some of them get twitchy

And start to salivate.


There's a tension in the air

As the hour quickly nears

Then out of the kitchen

Our Lovely Kim appears,


Bearing trays of chips,

A meaty dish as well,

Mouths start to water

And diets go to hell.


The women wear their trainers

To get a start in the rush

And, if truth be told, there's 

The odd unseemly push.


As the food is taken

A silence descends

Broken only by the noise of

Contentedly noshing friends


To add to the joy

The night can't fail 

‘Cos mine host Alan

Serves first class ale.


Once the food is finished

Entertainment restarts

Until in a sated mood

The whole crowd depart.


Open mic at the George

Goes straight to to the hips

Because Mine Hostess Kim

Serves the worlds bestest Chips.


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