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I can feel the way you feel about love


A long rainbow-coloured Perseid flew

Across the sky and as it did so an excited

Hand found mine and squeezed tightly. A

Passionate heart stood beside me. I didn't

know her yet, but somehow I knew I soon

Would, for standing in the dark surrounded

By other stargazers, I could feel the way

She felt About love.


'Oh, I'm so sorry,' she said, 'No need at all,'

I quickly interjected, adding that I too felt

Much the same way and I was glad of her

Hand, 'something special to celebrate

Something special,' I added with a smile.


It was just an exchange of numbers but

Somehow more than that, for back home

I could still feel her hand in mine, still feel

Her standing beside me, was that Citrine

Blossom or Flowerbomb? She held my

Hand all night and all through the next day.

Maybe she'd squeezed too tight and the

Sensation would pass in a day or two, but

No, she was still with me by weekend and

Anyway, I'd got used to having her around

Now - I didn't want her to let go.


I finally got up the nerve to give her a call

and we talked late into the night. The

Telegraph wires loved her voice and so did

I, soft sweet and ever so sexy, and I loved

her heart too, for where had I heard a beat

Like that before only in my own. Her heart

Sang to me over the wires and it was then

I said for the first time, 'I can feel the way

You feel about love,' she laughed and

Blew me a kiss.


'I can feel the way you feel about love' I

Repeated, scolding myself later. Oh God,

Had I said the wrong thing, was I too

Foreward too early? I didn't know.


Well, no, it appears I wasn't too forward at

All for two days later, I found myself in a field

At midnight with a beautiful woman. A perfect

place for two stargazers to spend their first

Date. From the moment we sat down her hand

Found mine. It was almost as though she'd

Never let go of me since that beautiful star-

Studded evening when fate took a hand and

Drew us together.


For a while we just lay there in the cool of the

Night holding hands, the occasional lightning

Bug adding to the starry display when, call it

My imagination, I realised I could feel this

Woman, not just laid beside me, but in the air

Around me, she was suddenly everywhere

And I could feel the way she felt about love,

About me, about what was about to happen

In the next ten seconds. She came on like a

Meteor shower, crackling static in the air,

Love's Ozone filling my airways, my lungs,

As she rolled over into me pulling me to her

Leaving me with no option other than to take

What was mine to take.


Stunningly beautiful blue/green eyes

Searched mine for answers. Did I love her?

My God, how could I not? She let go my

Hand to button her dress and yet my

Hand told me she was still holding it. It

Was then I knew she had become a vital

Part of me, a part I could not live without.

I was hers and she was mine. Searching

The sky she pointed to Gemini the Twins

And said, 'That's us from now on,' and as

That look came back into her smoldering

Eyes, I knew I had guessed right, I really

Could feel the way she felt about love.


© Joseph G Dawson