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Written by S.C. Mitchell
January 2016


Whichever way we turn of late - we see new shoots
Of purest green spring forth - out from the crusted soil
Of winter's passing chill - a glorious sight - a sign of hope -
As like a tiny babe - who eyes awake - with trust - emerging
From the passing night - to gaze at all around - not knowing that
With each new day - new cells are being formed - that build their
Tiny frames - with strength - towards the dawning light .

What great potential lies within each wondrous form - of fauna -
Man or beast - as yet unknown ? - what beauty and what courage
Lies within each living cell - to be revealed when each is fully grown ?
What aspirations beat within each fragile human breast - as yet still in
Its embryonic stage of life - that hasn't stood - unyielding  - in the fire
Or the floods and shocks  - of life's relentless tests .

Such wonder - only a  Being - greater than our lesser selves -
Could ever bring to life - out of the trodden soil - or darkest womb -
Into this world of glory and of strife - Yet - such it is - as only He can knit
Us to perfection - in His image - each so different - and unique - and
Yet - in so many ways - alike .

So let us now - with all the gifts and talents - that may as yet lay
Dormant at this time - reach forth - and strive to be what  we  were
Destined to become - with Faith and Hope - as  banners  lifted  high -
To be the very best - in all the heights we dare to aim - until we hear
These words -  ' Well done - My friend - Well done ' -  

Throughout it all - you've done your best -

Now   -  Welcome Home  ' .


As we start this New year of our Lord 2016 , I pray that for each of us
we will strive to do our very best with all that our Creator has placed
within us .

May every good endeavour take root , and spring up into a new life
of potential for the good of all

God bless you all
In His love
Stella ><


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