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The real 1% is not the number
Of corporations and people
Who control the wealth of the USA
The real 1% is our chance of survival
As a mature planet in the Cosmos
Who has conquered disease and death
And war and poverty and fear and ignorance
And built a world whose Civilization shines like a star
It’s not impossible.  The odds are just against it
Isolated pockets of people have done it but
It ain’t real unless it works everywhere
“Love one another as I have loved you”
Said the genius who saw this Kingdom
And promised that it might come
But the lust and aggression, greed and power
Which have worked so well for us as we emerged
From the animal world are now our enemies
As we struggle to control politics and economics
And technology and media out of control
The Buddha showed us that to tame the world
We need to tame ourselves
History and tyrants and communism and capitalism
Should have showed us by now that the solution
Isn’t from the top down, it’s from the bottom up
Tame yourself and tame the world
In those immortal words
In the last tragic scene
Of La Boheme
“Let each be merciful in their own way”