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Life’s Passing Moments
She stood there
For just a moment
Flashes of the past filled each tear
The morning sickness
That seemed to last most of the day
For the first three months
The twelve hours of labor
Her screaming at each growing pain
Praying everything would be ok
The hours she spent afterward
Just holding him in her arms
Thanking God
That he was healthy
The four o’clock feedings
His first step
His first day at school
His first date
The day he graduated high school
Everything went by so fast
A blur to most
So many memories
So many teardrops now falling at her feet
She stood there
Actually for several moments
Then quietly bent down
And placed a gentle kiss upon his cheek
And slowly stepped away
As they closed the lid of the casket
That held the body of her only son
They carefully folded the flag
In silence
Stepped forward
And handed it to her with a tear-filled salute
Many would say we each should feel the death of a soldier
They should be so much more than just a name on a report
But today
She lost her son
And there were no more words to offer
To replace the hole that was left
In her heart
Every day, every hour, every moment
A mother always remembers
Ed Roberts 10/04/09
Dedicated to those who truly understand the meaning of sacrifice and those who put their very lives on the line each day to protect our freedom.

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Life`s Passing Moments