Dark Clouds Don't Discriminate

Dark Clouds Don't Discriminate                 February 13, 2016
Walking together on a Derry Street
Peace on our mind, no retreat
Young and old walking our dreams
Civil rights for all, how simple it seems
Harassed as we walk on freedoms way
A better life for our people is on the way
United we stand, divided we fall
We remember the day, we remember them all
Brothers and sisters, mothers and dads
Bullets of death in Derry so sad
From a march of peace without goodbye
Fourteen people forced to die
The dark clouds came and brought the rain
Never to walk the small streets again
Dark clouds don't discriminate
Civil rights marchers met their fate
Goodbye each one, some mothers son
Your final journey just begun
Walking together on a Derry street
Peace on our mind, no retreat

Gerrard McGeachy

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