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Heaven in high heels

Searching, wanting, never quite finding until

One day, there she is, heaven in high heels,

Sugar in shoes. A melody on legs and right

Now checking out her pretty ensemble in a

Shop window, wherein, the window dresser

Stopped what she was doing to cast an

Appreciative eye and warm smile of approval.


In fact the whole street was checking out her

Ensemble, come-on-down this babe fizzed as

She walked, Burning the side walk, slowin' the

Traffic. Fizzy? Ecstasy cola more like, heavy on

Sugar, sexy legs looking for love. I could easily

Call her dynamite, I could call her explosive, but

Right now, I just need her phone number so I

Can call her…


And I got it too, no problem at all, smooth as you

Like I just asked her for it. Told her I couldn't get

Over how good she looked, and if she wasn't too

Busy, I'd love to give her a call sometime. Funny

Thing though, as she wrote down the number she

Looked me in the eye with a long-lingering half

Smile, almost as if...


I thought he'd never get the message, how many

Signals does a girl have to send before a good

Looking guy catches on?


© Joseph G Dawson