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Don't call my city dirty old town;

It's had its fair share of shit

Hitler's airborne demolition squad

Certainly knocked it about a bit.

And they had to rebuild fast

To rehouse those bombed out

And they made some mistakes

Of that there's very little doubt.

But we survived the blitz

Maintained our sense of humour

And the talk our town was dead

Was just unsubstantiated rumour.

They turned down Ford

To keep the wages low

Vested interests here 

Kept our growth slow.

We got our beautiful bridge

Though it led to Nowhere

But the promise won a bye-election

So nobody really cared.

And nobody bothered to tell 

It was bridge or motorway

So the M62 stops miles short

Still to this very day

They killed the fishing industryn

And unemployment soared

And in this fishing town

They landed fish from abroad.

And employers come

And employers go

And still in our City

Average wages are low.

We stride the River Hull, 

Being built in the wrong place

But we survive through it all,

Face the world with a brave face

Because we come from ‘ull,

And we know we’ve had it rough

But we continue in our fight

‘cos in ‘ull they grow ‘em tough.

So, don't call my City dirty old town
Say it with a bit of pride
Even Hitler couldn't wipe us out
Though the bleeder really tried.



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