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Wild angel

His thumb through the belt loop at the back of

Her jeans, his hand telling the world they are

More than just friends and she loving every

Second of it. Belonging and being in love suits

Her well. For him it was nothing short of magic,
A confusion of wild angel and temptress, who

Blew in one night on a summer breeze and



Hard thing approaching an angel, hard to see

Passed the wings, but this angel had been hurt,

Her landing had been bumpy and he being alone

Badly needed someone to care for, when just at

The right moment, paradise crashed into his lap.


Their love was instantaneous, but their pace slow,

He knew where he stood, but he also knew that once

He tasted the lips of an angel, earth would never be

Enough again and what of the angel, should he even

Touch her - did he have the right to touch her?


The answer to that question came oddly enough on

A trip to a fashion store. First it was the shoes, when

She let him hold her ankle for a long, long, time

Before he finally slipped the shoe into place and then,

It was the dress and the changing room, where a

Naked arm reached out and a hand grabbed him by

The sleeve pulling him swiftly behind the curtain.


The full-size rose tinted ever so slightly concave

Mirror sworn to secrecy on hanging, was silent

Throughout, thus what it saw it kept to itself; but

An angel in love was something it had never seen

Before and probably never will again.


If he ever wondered why angels have wings he

Was about to find out, she came over him like

A cloud, everywhere at once, lifting him up on

Wings that appeared from nowhere, folding invisibly

When he turned her round to face the mirror. She

Knew she shouldn't be there, but so tempted was

She by this man and by the notion of love, it was

Too late to think, too late to change her mind. His

Hands were warm and oh so thrilling and having

Never been touched in this way before she couldn't

Stop herself, she had to know more, feel more,

Explore more… but this wasn't the place, they both

Knew that, but right now anywhere was good.


Back home and back in the mirror he discovered

That angels love mirrors, their glow is many times

Greater in a mirror, and his glow, a different kind of

Glow, was greater too. It was then she decided to

Stay. Up to that moment there was a window of

Escape back to the aether, back to the glory of

Eternal life, a route she chose to ignore, watching

As she let the window close for a lifetime leaving

Her in the arms of a mortal. A price some angles

Would never pay - but for this angel it was a good

Choice, and did she ever look back? She talls me

No and I believe her.


© Joseph G Dawson