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Where love meets lust

Where love meets lust the dividing line may

Be blurred, where hunger and an urgent need

Of love becomes passion wild and free, it may

Equally prove to be be unclear, finding itself

Beyond the k
en of those who would brand, let's

Give it a real name, 'Hot love,' as something to

Be shunned an turned away; b
ut the girl I have in

Mind would have none of it, for she reads from a

More realistic script, and r
ejoices in love, knows

Love for precisely what it is, and i
f love where

Money, then this girl would be a m

A million times over.


Picture love for some and it is fast and without feeling,

Picture love for others and it becomes an art, a way of

Touching upon the most secret things, deep things that

Can only be shared by lovers who know one another

So well they hurt when apart and heal when together.


It is so easy to mix love up with lust, and lust up with

Love, but what is the difference when two souls need

Each other so badly that the longing becomes painful

And the waiting unbearable, and when they finally do

Meet, is the urgent collision of fiery connexion an act

Of lust or should we keep our tongues still and give

Thanks for one of the most beautiful moments a

human b
eing can experience - Love.


© Joseph G Dawson