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She can't hide it

I can't tell you what this is, but I know it's real,

There is something about her and she knows

I feel it. She never says anything, but I know

She knows and she knows what she's doing

To me just by standing nearby.


She has to come near me when I'm in the office,

She has to rotate around me, talk to me about

Anything, the weather, time of day and I have to

Go through it every time, watching her, wanting

Her, but never quite sure what's on her mind.


There are those who tell me I'm 'on a cert,'

But what does that mean in office jargon?

Although, I must confess I get a good deal of

Pleasure myself waiting to see what she does

Next, and especially how she behaves when

I leave, she's cool, but she can't hide it.


There is something on her mind, but I can't

Figure out what it is. Does she want me as

Much as I want her, I can't tell I don't know. All

I really do know is that every other woman in

The room is in negative when she's around,

She's the only hot-spot in the place.


I had reason to go to the paper store yesterday,

A small room at the back of the factory with lots

Of shelves and a light that switches off after five

Minutes to save the firm money. I needed some

A4 paper and whilst I was in there the light went

Off, and so too did one or two other things.


Where she came from I don't know, must have

Been hiding behind a shelf or something, one

Minute I was on my own and the next there

Was a whole lot of woman wrapped around me

And my hand running along a super-smooth

Bare l
eg that was forcibly rubbing on my thigh.


I felt my mystery assailant lean back and on

Came the light and there she was still saying

Nothing and, as ever, starting to rotate around

Me, as for  the bare leg? Well, while the light

Was on 
I could see hers legs weren't bare at

All, but
so sheer were her nylons, that even on

Very close inspection t
hey sure had me fooled...


© Joseph G Dawson