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'Twas when I lost you


'Twas when I lost you that I found you,

When my heart woke up at last,

And saw you in the light that I once

Saw you in the past.


A light that shone so brightly and then

One night it dimmed, like the moon

That slips behind a cloud,

Our love was wearing thin.


No heat remained to speak of,

No ember could I find,

Rose ashes in a cold fire grate,

A vague memory on my mind.


I woke to find you weeping, in the

Half-light before dawn,

I couldn't breath, I couldn't think,

How could I be so wrong?


I held you to my body, I asked if I

Should go? You shook

Your head, and rolled instead, to

Snuggled up real close


'Twas when I lost you that I found you,

When the scales fell from my eyes,

When I found what I'd been looking for,

Was here with me all the time.


© Joseph G Dawson