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Life is always a surprise
but never more so than
the day we met.
We both felt it...
a kind of electricity
charging the air
between us.

Sitting across from one
another was sheer torture,
when it was clear all
we could think about
was how it would
be to feel our lips
meeting, parting
in a hungry kiss.

But we sat there, politely
ordering our lunch and
nibbling, with thoughts
too hot to express
aloud and clearly
knowing what the
other had on
their mind.

The connection extended
into a depth of conversation
uncommon between two
people who felt such a
strong physical pull
and it made the
wait all the more
unbearably long,
but so enticing.

Finally, lunch was at an end.
Being a gentleman, you paid
our bill and held the door
for me as we stepped out
into the bright sunshine
both squinting as we
smiled uncontrollably
and you wrapped
your arm around
my waist.
Sun-bleached sidewalks hot
from the July temperatures
greeted us as we strolled
down the Sunday empty
street, chatting like two
nervous birds about
to be uncaged to the
blue heavens for the
very first time.

We found blessed shade in
front of a quaint little store,
and briefly lit there to test
each other I think, the talk
turning to how nicely I
fit beneath your arm
as we ventured out
of the coolness of
the cafe and into
an inferno of
obvious desire.

Without warning you stood,
grabbing my hand with a sharp
intake of breath and a growl
in your voice saying, " Damn,
but I can't wait any more!"
Shooting across the deserted
street, me hot on your heels
you headed into a narrow
walkway between two
old buildings until we
reached deep into
the dark shade.

You backed me up against the
heavenly cool bricks and as
I gazed up into eyes a fine
shade of indigo waters,
you tipped my chin up
and dove deliciously
in to a kiss that felt
the way I imagined it
must feel to breathe
for the  very
first time…

At least it seemed so then,
and even now it still feels
the way it did that day…
the day when we first met.
The day you captured my
heart, took possession
of my body, mind, and
soul and gave me yours
in return so willingly

Lucky devils,
wouldn't you say?

K.Tate Jacoby
copyright January 26, 2016

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