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True love knows no bounds
Limitless, it jumps and tumbles
Rolling and there it lands

I love you true
I LOVE you right
I love you day
I love you night

I love you leaning on my sweet 
Pear  tree reminiscing just 
You and  me.

I love you as though I am
Compelling a love I am spelling 
If possible a few LETTERS at a
Time, and for your mind an 
Intricate design.

I love you long and yet longer still
Something  magical  about  archaic
Sex appeal.
As you cast your spell on me, I love
You whole and strong til  it 

I love you as SHORE as romance sets
Sail, more than dry winds WAIL. 
I love you.   Mere words can not 
These gloves are removed with
PrOpeR  hAPpiNeSS.
I love you back and FORTH my 
Fairest   FrIeNd.

I love you again
I love you again
I love you again

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I Love You

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