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Branches sway restlessly in the cool breeze - this way and that -
With no pattern - but to obey the current's force - or break - not
Daring to resist - lest even the mightiest bough might crack - and
Fall - bringing possible disaster in its wake - such is the power of the
Winds of time - unless we choose to bend - we too could fall -
Whenever unseen powers start to shake .

Just as the foolish man - who built his house on shifting sand - though
Strong  and upright  to the  seeing eyes of fellow men - a monument  -
Appearing oppulent and grand - yet - when the storms of life beat hard
Against the outer walls of his abode - the cracks began to form - and the
Edifice came tumbling down - like pride before a fall - it
Could no longer stand .

Not so - the house built by the wiser man - who raised his home on solid
Rock - and deep foundations under ground - that even when the tempest
Came - his structure stood - secure and sound - while he and those he loved
Remained at peace - full knowing all was well - regardless of the
Terrors raging all around .

Such are the days of life my friends - when tempests blow against our
Fragile barques and earthly homes - and many find no solid rock on which
To stand - and so they break - and tumble into sinking ground - but - let me
Help you find the One who is the Rock - who never fails - nor lets us drown -
If we but put our trust in His unchanging Word - as Saviour - Friend - and
God's Beloved Son .

Yes - Jesus is the only Way - to lead us to the Father's Home - out of
Destruction's perilous grip - and from the cyclones easy prey - but we must
Choose to bend into the Spirit's breeze of Life - and let Him lead and guide us with His
 Holy compass  - through the cross - the Only way - away from  paths that lead us to despair
And strife - into the place of faith and hope and rest - safe on the Rock - into the
Heart of God's Eternal  peace - and Everlasting  Life .


It is so important to have an absolute assurance of God's Saving Grace and
protection for each one of us in the days we are living in . In John chapter 14 and
verse 6 ...Jesus says thes immortal words ...' I am the Way, the Truth and the
Life , and no-one comes to the Father ( in Heaven ) but by Me .

Strong words - but we need to heed them if we want to know the assurance
of Eternal Life in God's heavenly home .

I pray no-one will miss the way . So turn to Jesus , the Rock ,  and start
building your spiritual foundations on the solid Rock of the
Saviour today.

God bless you all
love Stella ><


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