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The sharp suited man

With the Legal Degree

Looks back over years 

To pass judgement on me.

While he was getting drunk

In student Uni bars

I was uniformed and fighting

Our country’s various wars.


A split second’s action

In the heat of a fight

  Is now being appraised

As being wrong or right.

Now we’ve both reached

Our late middle age,

Him on his thousands, 

Me existing on minimum wage,


Plus long the service pension

They’ve beeen paying of late,

Not exactly bounteous millions

Reward for serving the state.

And he has his portfolio

Of cases, no win no fee,

And he is trying to make

A criminal of me.


In thanks for the security

For him and his ilk 

That our actions earned,

Now he’s taken the Silk,

He puts our actions 

Under the spotlights

As a campaiging lawyer in

The cause of Human rights.


I was a volunteer so I don’t

Expect or need his gratitude

Just maybe some compassion 

To temper his attitude.

I scream in pain at the memory

Of things that I’ve done

While he waxes fat on 

The fees that he’s won.


It’s a strange justice that

My efforts set him free

To harrass and pursue

Combat veterans like me.

That sharp suited man

With the Legal Degree,

With the benefit of hindsight,

Passes judgement on me.


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