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What the hell are we doing

Just sitting here

Amongst flying chairs

And spilling beer.

Pete and me

Set off on or own

For a quiet night 

In the American Zone.


Three Canadians

Joined us that night;

That was the cause 

Of the eventual fight.

They thought all Canuks

 French three Yanks said

One Canadian sadly,

Slowly shook his head


And very quickly

He replied back

He'd thought all Yanks

Were totally black.

That's the reason why

We're sitting here

Amongst flying chairs

 Glass and beer.


No room for the Brits to

Take part in this din

So we just sat there 

Taking every move in.

When the MPs come

To end this little affray

We'll all unite

And quickly run away.


Whatever the differences

All fighting stops

At the approach

Of the military cops.

Whatever the hangover

It can't make you feel as sick

As a hefty whack received

From an MP’s big night stick.



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