once upon a time

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wishing is a fools game, but i often

Play the game of thinking wouldn't it be

good to have, something, anything, but

wishing is a fools game,if not simply naive

Living is a tiresome fact, that we must deal with.


So where to from here with the thoughts herein.

Let's see, what do we have, sorry what do i have.

Got a lot, bed, heat, food, warmth roof overhead.

Hmm what then shall I wish for, a car, oh have one

newer model car, nope couldn't care less about cars.


Now let's see, ah i know, count my blessings, okay 

here goes already mentioned the basics I possess 

Let's see the most important riches i could ask for i have.

good health, what in this life could be more desirable 

Sometimes we don't need the wishing game.


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