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My affectionate confection

My affectionate confection she keeps my

Heart in line, too busy being beautiful too

Pretty by a mile, as sweet as any honey the

Bees have ever made, my precious little

Bonbon my toothsome jelly babe,


My affectionate confection she's weaves a

Magic spell, I hanker for her liquorice, her

Tootsie Roll as well, she's a pretty dolly

Mixture I love her cherry lips, my tasty

Chocolate orange my after-dinner mint.


My affectionate confection she's the best

Girl on the block, I love her double-bubbles,

Adore her lollipops, I nibble on her Skittles

She feeds me jelly beans, my sweetmeat,

Pony tail, sugar babe in jeans.

© Joseph G Dawson