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With each day that passes by
I have to now wonder to myself
Just how bad will it all be

With each day that passes by!
My legs now fail me more
The numbness never eases

With each day that passes by!
What burden will I then become
On my family I love so dearly

With each day that passes by!
I begin to think more & more
Of things I can no longer do

With each day that passes by!
I want to carry my full share
This is not fair for my wife

With each day that passes by!
She has to work so very hard
Then do everything at home too

With each day that passes by!
She says don't worry it's okay
But to me it's not at all fair

With each day that passes by!
I see the toll it takes on her
My Angel doesn't ever complain

With each day that passes by!
She says she knows of my pain
How it hurts me more each day

With each day that passes by!
She knows it was the Government
That sprayed the Agent Orange

With each day that passes by!
More & more veterans are lost
While we fight on with the VA

With each day that passes by!
I have to wonder if anyone cares
Of our forty years of suffering

With each day that passes by!
Will America remember any of us
And will they ever understand

With each day that passes by!
Will our deeds be recognized
Or was it all just for nothing

With each day that passes by!
I have great worry for my wife
Who will be left all on her own

With each day that passes by!  
I hope and pray out loud to God
Let me get my full compensation

With each day that passes by!
I remember buddies who had died  
I think at least they went fast

With each day that passes by!
I know I'll be a statistic too
Just another victim of that war

With each day that passes by!
There's really no difference
Between them and the rest of us

With each day that passes by!
We understand what our fate will be
It's just taken us 50+ years longer

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I do not ask for, nor do I seek pity from anyone, I was then and
still am today a proud warrior who fought in a most vicious and a
most devastating war in Vietnam when asked to do so. I don't have
any regrets in any way that I served my country and that I helped
the Vietnamese people try to maintain their freedom.  Our country
had used this Agent Orange to defoliant the dense jungle growths
and the elephant grasses that were prevalent around our bases to
take away the ability of the VC to sneak up and to mount attacks
on our bases. But these chemicals were known to have been deadly
and caused many illnesses and cancers to the railroad workers and
the US Forestry Service workers who had used Agent Orange to kill
grass and weeds along railroad tracks and the fire trail roads in
the forest and it was a well known fact that they had known this in
advance of it's use in Vietnam. Yet they still they chose to spray
our bases, our airfields and the surrounding areas with these deadly
mixtures they used on all of us, and then later as we became sick
or were dying from it we had to fight with the chemical companies
and Government to prove that it was the major cause for all of our
own medical problems and issues. We did proved our claims in a Class
Action Law suit but the lawyers got the money and we were told that
 we would receive Veterans Compensation Awards by the Government
for all of our service connected illnesses & disabilities that we're
suffering from now because of this deadly toxic mixture of chemicals.
And here we are still after all these years fighting with the VA and
the Government to receive our justified awards for our full payments
of Compensation for Service Connected Illnesses and all because the
VA & the Government are still dragging their heels, hoping that we
will all die off before they are forced to pay to us our full Award
of Compensation. Now instead they piece meal it out to us in very
small percentages instead of the full awards we are entitled to get.
Many of us are no longer able to work at all because of our medical
and physical disabilities caused by these lingering effects of our
heavy exposures to the dioxins byproducts of Agent Orange which are
now slowly destroying our bodies and along with that it is hurting
our own families too since we can no longer work anymore. Then the
Government and the VA wonder why we have such ATTITUDES WITH THEM!

I am one of the few lucky ones who were finally awarded our full disability
compensation, but it took over six years of constant appeals and fighting
with them after they would reject our own disability claims  and all of the
supporting evidence which proved our claims against the VA and government.
No veteran should ever have to fight these types of battles for their service
to our country, Please remember that many are still fighting and many are now
dying as they wait but are never compensated for their own service connected
disabilities and illnesses, please pray for them and their families too.

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