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True Love

So long I searched for someone to care,
As time slowly crawled by; it seemed so unfair!
I watched countless couples in rapturous bliss,
While I still waited for that one special kiss.

In vain I sought the love of my life,
The one special lady to call my wife.
Years turn to decades, as hope slowly dies;
True love, I thought grimly, was nothing but lies!

Never to know that velvet embrace,
Never to twine the leather and lace.
Living alone, lacking comfort or cheer,
No friend understood, they just offered beer.

A dreamer and idealist, pursuing what did not exist,
A heart beating with mine, lips eager to be kissed.
Life stretched on, an endless road,
Duty and honor a stinging goad.

At length a wife I found, though better I had not,
Her heart held no love for me, only festering rot.
Ten long years I endured her verbal abuse,
While my own love was stomped into heaps of refuse.

Gathering the tattered shreds of my pride
I sought for solace or a place to hide.
Instead I found the love of my dreams,
Beyond amazing though it seems.

Now no matter how dark the night might be,
I bask in the love she holds for me.
Love that is true, not  vicious lie,
Always and forever till the day I die.

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True Love