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As each day passes by and we think it can't get worse
That's when Obama's three ring circus says YES IT CAN!
We will make everyone dependent on us for everything

We'll take from those who have it and give it away
We'll promise them everything in life under the Sun
Free money, free food, free housing and an education

Doesn't matter that they don't have the money for it
Doesn't matter they've tripled the whole national debt
They'll just tax and gouge those who worked so hard

These people we will tax to death and steal their funds
And with all these profits they'll pay every ones bills
Remember who gave you everything and vote for them

So what if it takes a hundred years to pay for our handouts
We won't be here to worry about how they'll pay for it all
Better to live today and to hell with future generations

We'll all be dead and buried let those fools figure it out
Besides when it's their turn in life they'll want handouts
And so it will go on forever let others pay for your bills

So now he thinks he's just a modern day Robin Hood
Taking from those who've worked very hard in life
And handing it out to those who won't work at all

There's no rhyme or reason for this madness at all
He just tells them what they want to hear from him
It's so much easier to get a free handout than work

Why would they work hard like we had to do in our lives
Not when his Czars and his government will give handouts
That's the Socialist way of controlling all the masses

They want everyone to be dependent on their government
These democrats take what you've earned from hard work
And gives it away to those who will do what they're told

They'll get it for free and someone else can pay the bills
Why should they work for the good things in their own life
Robin and his Merry Band of Czars will give it to them free

Now isn't that the Socialist Way of doing things in life
Take it from those who have worked hard and give it away
And the people will become dependent and do as they say

The younger democrats have now become the new Socialists
And the Republicans now seem more like the old Democrats
Those who worked hard all of our lives will get the shaft

Why would any of them kill themselves working so hard
When they can get the free government handouts for life
He's like Robin Hood and he's robbing Peter to pay Paul

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - All Rights Reserved.

Obama and his puppet Czars are the modern day version
of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men taking it from
those who earned it and worked hard for it and giving it
to those who won't even try to work for what they get,
they just pledge their blind allegiance in return for all of
their free handouts from these Idiots & Morons in life and
Today our National Debt has surpassed 19 Trillion Dollars
under the so-called leadership of Barrack(Robin Hood)Obama

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
on the support of Paul. George Bernard Shaw

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