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This poem is a description of what happened one morning as I was meditating
on the Lord at Percival Landing in Olympia, Washington.
The descriptions in the poem are what I actually witnessed that day.

Percival Landing

The light of life in him is manifested in my view of him,
The day began as creation awoke from its slumber,
As I looked over the calm of the waters
His face was before me,
The silver darting of the school of fish
As they assembled as directed,
The jellyfish plume as it expanded
Like the opening of a blooming flower,
The mountains in the distance
Their caps covered by the whiteness of snow,
The beautiful singing of the birds
As they praised him at the break of day,
The blades of grass lifting up their arms toward him,
The beautiful trees covered by blossoms
Reflecting the beauty of his hand,
I saw a friend whose hair and beard
Were white as snow
Moving smartly across the distance,
The pack hung loosely upon his back
And his hat was placed at the chosen angle,
As he sat to rest under the gigantic tree
And turned toward me,
The sparkle in his eyes
And the radiance of his smile
Shown brightly the joy that was within him,
His appreciation for life and its blessings
Carried him through each day,
As I departed the serenity of the setting
Joy welled up on the inside of me
Because of the spirit within me
And his gentle touch,
We will walk hand in hand this day
And he will guide the way.


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Percival Landing