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 The Father smiles as your joy shines forth,
The love of a man and woman for each other
Built on a foundation based upon His word,
His desire is to provide you your every need,
For each of your worries or cares to be cast upon Him,
As you focus upon Him
And fellowship with Him
Your lives will be greater than you have ever imagined,
Today is as a seed that has been planted in fertile ground,
Tomorrow it sprouts in the morning sun,
As it matures a beautiful bud is formed
Into a breathtaking flower,
The seed has been planted
And your future together is the breathtaking flower,
Never fear what life has in store for you
Because “He has not given you a spirit of fear
But of power and love and a sound mind”,
As you seek Him
And walk hand in hand
His peace will sustain you both,
His smile is radiant
Because He loves you so,
Walk in the light of His Love
And claim your inheritance,
The husband shall love his wife as Christ loves the church
And a wife shall reverence her husband,
Allow Him to bless you
As you walk together
Led by His gentle touch.

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Walk In Love

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