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This is a poem that I am asking all who read it share today. This would have been Holly's 33rd birthday.
Her mother, Alice, came to me asking for words. When her daughter was murdered there was a small article in the paper and a short story on the news. There has been nothing since.
There is no life that is without meaning, there are none of us that should ever be forgotten.
Who will remember Holly
Who will remember Holly
Some people might ask
Was she famous
An actress
A singer
Was she on television
Or the radio
Who was she
She was a mother
A daughter
A sister
And friend
She was a woman
One many of you
Will easily be able
To relate with
A single mother
Who had 2 wonderful children
One nine
The other only one
A woman who worked very hard
To try and keep a roof over their head
And food upon the table
She was a person
Most people would say
Was someone
That you would want to meet
She was happy
And tried to bring that happiness
Into the lives
Of all around her
She was the one
Who would insist that you had cake
On your birthday
And would do everything she could
To ensure that this would happen
You might find yourself asking
Repeating a question
One that I have asked you before
Who will remember Holly
But the question you should be asking
Holly was a wonderful woman
A single mother
A mother of two children
Whose life was cut tragically short
For at the age of 31
Someone came into her house
And took away
Her life
That someone is still out there
And her mother and father
Alice and Bobby
Are left to care for her children
She was the person
The one special friend in my life
Who first asked this question
Who will remember Holly
My answer to her tonight
Is that I always will
And hopefully
Now you will too
Ed Roberts
We never lose the ones we love
Not if we carry the smallest piece of them
In our hearts
Written for
Holly Bernice Van Auken
2/6/83 – 4/7/14
She now waits for her family in Heaven

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Who will remember Holly