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The worry of love

God, she excites me, every time I think of her

My heart pounds and my stomach turns over,

I can't bear to be without her. I live in a state

Of perpetual worry. Will she be there, will she

Stand me up, will I lose her, can I keep her?


God, the worry of love. I can't take any more,

What's she doing when I'm not there? Who's

She talking to, where's she going? So many

unanswered questions, so many things to

Worry about, can I trust her?


God, who bought her those shoes, who sent

Her those flowers? Oh, I did, on both counts,

I must be going mad on love, drunk on love,

Addicted to love, down to the doctors on love,

Jealous on love. Can I help it? No, I cannot,

I love her and that's all there is to it.


God, she drives me wild. Plunging neckline,

Who's she dressing for, me or someone else?

Did she look at that guy just them, did he

Look back, does she know him, is he an ex

Lover? How many lovers has she had? Am

I the first, or have there been lots of lovers?

Are there still lots of lovers?


God, she's late, she's late in more ways

Than one, she's been to the doctors, am I

Going to be a dad, is the child mine? Of

Course it is, don’t be so silly, time to grow

Up now. Where will we find the money, the

House, the car, the cot and all that other

Stuff. Oh God, the worry of love.


© Joseph G Dawson