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The trees scream in pain as they

are hacked and chopped and burned

in a frenzy of controlled destruction

more efficiently as lessons are learned.

And they plough the bare earth to

plant crops of soya for cattle feed,

to provide excess food

that the rich west doesn't even need,


which they house and store until

prices are again forced high

while in the poorer parts

people wither and starve and die:

but it's all done for profit to

keep a smile held in place,

as the gain are hoarded,

on the  world's corporate face.


The bean counters  are happy

as year after year they complete

those columns marked in black

on their annual balance sheet.

They  are wreaking havoc

on the planet of blue and green

razing the  lungs of the world  to be

replaced with acres of soya bean.


Global warming advances

as climate steadily changes;

man takes this ancient Eco system which

 he  carelessly rearranges,

and the trees scream with pain as they

are hacked and chopped and burned

all in the cause of short term profit

with no lessons being learned.


There is a new type of desert

where you can travel all day long

and never see a tree or hear

any note of birdsong.

Will there ever come a time

When common sense calls a stop

to that senseless policy

of hack and burn and chop.





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Planting Soya Bean