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The wonders of modern science

Have solved many a mystery

Particularly when it comes to 

The subject of ancient history.


When Howard Carter

Very luckily found

Young Kind Tut’s tomb 

Buried deep under ground

The world’s knowledge 

Moved on so much 

Because that tomb

Was largely untouched.

After many years solid work

Advances in genetics and DNA

Soon made it possible for

Science to definitely say


The ancient Egyptions

Seemed to think it best

To keep the bloodline pure

By routine indulgence in incest.

In King Tut’s case this

Opened the genetic carbuncle

That his mother and his father

Also were his Aunt and Uncle.

Doomed to die young of 

Inherited genetic mutation

He was hurriedly buried

By a doomed Egyptian nation. 


Would  history have changed if

They’d said, Hey now Mister

When it comes to procreation

Don't make love to your sister; 

To be that close

In a breeding lark

May create offspring

That glow in the dark.

Maybe that’s one reason why

Egypt once, in a time so remote,

A civilisation of repute and power,  

Became just an historical footnote.


But the pyramids

Still proudly stand,

Fitting memoral to

That once proud land.




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