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From a Devil...

We have eyes so that the heart may see,

And having seen the heart may fall in love.

I love the run-up to St Valentine's day


'Sealed With A Loving Kiss'


'Better On Lips Than On Paper'

Exciting, even mysterious little notes and

Cards appear all over the place,

Not knowing who sent them or where they

Came from although most recipients seem

To know something…


Postman's knock and on the

Mat an envelope and on the back

'From a devil to a devil who the devil sent it?'

Excitement fills the air.


My heart is in her hands but I fear I go the

Way of all defeated men and that my future

Lies elsewhere. But wait, a half smile, not a

Lot nor as much as I'd like but nonetheless,

Something and more than I had at breakfast.


How I love this woman, but I doubt she even

Sees me. I seek mirth as a refuge, music as

A distraction; but neither offer more than a

Minor diversion before once again I am

Met by gloom and at a loss for direction.


Midnight heralds the arrival of an express with

An urgent note for which the rider demands a

Full two shillings before releasing the epistle

Into my custody. No, no, I am wrong, it is not a

Letter, it is a Valentine – but who can it be from

At this hour?

© Joseph G Dawson