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It was on the Emperor's birthday.

The Coliseum was sold out.

You could hear the crowd’s

Excited laughs and shouts,


First came on the animals

In the early evening heat'

A little bit bad tempered at not

 Being given enough to eat.

The came on the gladiators

All dressed up to thrill,

Because it was Caesar's birthday

They weren't allowed to kill.


Then the speciality act,

 One hundred virgin maids

All to be deflowered under

 Individually raised sunshades.


Out strode the proud Nubian

In G string and sarong

Eagerly awaiting for

The clash of the starting gong. 

First three dispatched with ease

He stiffened, clasped his head

And without further ado

Fell down stone deaded dead.


In the stunned silence

The promoters was heard to stay

He was excellent at rehearsal

Earlier on today.


It being a little early

To make their way home

The crowd quickly  rioted

And burned down Rome.

That's how the Empire ended

According to  historical description;

How different it could have been if

They’d've had Viagara on prescription.

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The Fall Of Rome