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Written by S.C. Mitchell
February 2016


Woo Your people LORD - back from the jaws of their
Distress - and take hold of the feebles hands - and lift them from
The pit - and place them on Your soothing - healing breast - Restore
The broken vessels that are crying in the dark - and lead them safely
Through the valleys - where the wild creatures bark .

LORD - don't pass the lonely widows by - whose
Tears refuse to cease their flow - or the poor man who wanders
Aimlessly - not knowing where his footsteps go - or that wee babe
Whose life is in the cruel hands - of those who show no tender loving care
But dear LORD - in Your mercy - rescue every child that others
 May abuse - believing no-one sees their plight - or hears
Their feeble cry of fear .
And ...

For those who may be facing death - at whatever age
They be - who are unsure of  what is in the dark -  that human
Eyes can't see - please give them Your assurance LORD - that all things
Will be well - if they put their trust in Your Redeeming Grace - so they need
Not fear impending - Hell - for Hell is just as real my friends - as the nose
Upon your face - but we don't have to go there - thanks to God's
Amazing Grace - so may all eyes be opened now - to a future
Filled with hope - beyond the curtain of this natural life -
with its limited visual scope .
And ...

May we see into the heavenlies - where  True Life never ends -
Where we will  be united with past loved ones - such as family and
Friends - who have  embraced the Living Saviour - and His truth -  as
Shown us in His Word - which tells us He is KING of kings - and  LORD of
Every lord - but - most of all - He is the Only One - who can give us  Everlasting
Peace and rest - and if we call upon His name today - then we can be
Eternally forgiven - loved - restored - and Blessed .


I truly pray that no-one will miss the Saviour's gift of Eternal life, that is being offered
us all by the hand of a loving Heavenly Father who longs to welcome us
into His Kingdom and true life  today .

May you all be blessed today with love and peace my friends .
In Jesus' name
Stella ><


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