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Sitting in the silence
Thinking of sounds
Wherein the silence here
Two dogs breathing
Two ceiling fans are spinning
The wood stove fan
Blows out it's breath
Even in the silence
There is life opposed to death
Many things to live for
To work upon
Give a go
Handle it
Control the pain
Make goals or go insane
Remember what Ricky taught you
About the negative thoughts
Rolling in this eccentric head
Just because I'm not so much
A nurse or mother anymore
Doesn't mean I have to go
Straight to dead
Get it together
Write it down
Smile a lot
In the evening
Turn on the silence
Get caught
Up in the rapture
Of the warm
The blessing of two hands
A brain that still works
If I give it a plan
Dance in silence
Type in the warm
Never quit thinking
To avoid many storm
That comes in the Winter's
When mud is thick upon the ground
Mist comes up as steam from hell
As fog slowly comes down
Soon I've reached six decades
Inside I'm still a child
Writing production poetry
As the time is second filed
In the memory banks of
My clocks ticking
Interjected in my head
Knowing if I listen to them
I'm better 'live than dead
Sometimes God comes in the silence
Takes my soul to other places
Where we sit upon a river bank
As I thank him for his graces
Keeping me loved
When I don't feel lovely
Glad to worship his holy face
Place all his love above me
Faith works
In special ways
If I believe
If I love you
Then the silence of the hope
Gonna do what it can do
As prayers go 'round in circles
Spinning love across the Earth
As God did
Giving up his son
We could have rebirth
Trying to understand it
As the Father is the one for me
And the son is the son
To try to act like humanly
I guess it depends on if
You need a Father
Someone who cannot be seen
Someone being unimagined
In reality or dream
On the silence I can feel him
His hands upon my shoulders
I imagine
The comfort of his touch and breath
Holding me down
Fatherly concern
Didn't have that as a child
Thank you Lord for being mild to me
I love to love you
In silence somehow
Do you feel the agony?
Do you feel my fear?
When I am lost
You always seem to be near
In just a flash
All your white light
Close my eyes
Look into it
Then everything is alright
Mercy to mind
My Father, my Lord, my kind.

2/4/2016 2113PST cj

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