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The Captain had a penny whistle 

Which he wore around his neck

And he played it every morning

As the crew danced on the deck.

Sometimes it was a Hornpipe

Sometimes a Palais Glide

As they swayed across the deck

From Port to Starboard side.


It started sharp every morning

When the Bosun rang a bell,

And if he was feeling frisky

The Captain danced as well.

Sometimes on sunny mornings

The crew would stand at ease

While the Captain and a subby

Decorously mimed a strip tease.


It happened rain or shine

Until twenty minutes passed

When on a given signal

The crew would climb the mast

To set the sails and rigging

So the ship got under way

And so it started in this fashion

Every single working day.


It was on the good ship Venus

Which had had a dubious name

Until the Captain's dancing classes

Brought a more respected fame.

Recognised for their skill,

Every time they had a meet

The good ship Venus's crew

 Entertained the blooming fleet.


Oh on the good ship Venus

Such a happy place to be

Ship shape and Bristol fashion 

When the crew were all at sea.

He became the only Admiral to wear

 A penny whistle around his neck

And even in his dotage

 Would dance around the deck.



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