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Bright-eyed and beautiful

So beautiful, so alluring, so easy to

Love, s
o easy to dream. I loved her

From t
he first moment her eyes met



Bright-eyed and beautiful, baby-soft and

Sensual, heaven lights the way. Her voice

An angel's whisper, her smile a heavenly

Glow, her touch, rose petals on the wind.


What joy to dwell within her arms, to feel her

Breath on my cheek, her lips meeting mine.

The fire in her body, the baptism of love to

Come, nothing in this world prepared me for

Such nights as these, nor such a woman as



Other men would be content with half of what

I have, she brims my cup with love, hugs my

Heart, and only when we are together am I

Complete. Could I ask for more? No, for there

Is no more - I have it all.

© Joseph G Dawson