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After watching the movie called
CRASH that I own on DVD
Little did I know your real name is
I have loved your music for decades
Now, I love your acting
I love your character in this movie
For setting free the Thai people
Who were going to be sold as slaves
"Let my people go"
Someone once said
And you did
I cannot thank you enough
For being in this film from 2004
That won three Academy Awards in 2005
Including one for Best Picture
The movie deserves every award possible
I'm sorry some people think black people are being
Raped of awards for their acting skills in 2015
As they were not in 2005
Have we regressed as human beings
In the last ten years
As one so close to my heart
As "Luda" is
Surely wins by giving humanity
Some hope
Or at least me some hope
Here in Wheat-town Oregon
Where there are only
0.8% black people in this state the last time I checked
Here in this tiny town
I'm at now
As far as I've seen so far
There are no black people
There are no Spanish people
There are no native Americans
There are no Asians
It's all white people
There used to be one Native American family here
But they have left when I was gone to Seattle
For two years
Now Seattle is a different place
From Oregon
There I saw Indians from India
I saw Muslim women all in black
Like nuns here used to wear
I saw Russians, Ukrainians, Spanish
Somalians, Arabs, Persians, Filipino's
And many other cultures with their own ways
Somehow they all live in Seattle
Somehow they attempt to get along
CRASH was all about the color of your skin
What color determined how you were treated by
The cops wherein some of them were black
I learned how the cops treat you in Seattle
As they put me in the back of a cop car
After I was hit by a hit and run driver
Just walking across a sidewalk
When the light said I could go
I even got the first three numbers of the guys license plate
And all the cop seemed worried about is if I was in trouble
In Oregon or Washington because I had no I.D. on me
It was unjust
Just like when a Pendleton police officer
Threaten to kill my dog, Callee
If I didn't stop her from barking at him
While in my van
How do you stop a dog from barking
When they feel threatened
No cop should have ever said that to me
As now, I have no trust in them
As any poor person should
Being pulled over for a headlight out
Is no reason to threaten to kill my baby girl
That I bottle fed from 5 days old as her mommy died
She thinks she's human
I hope that police officer's mother
Is not threatened as I was on that
Mother's Day
As a nurse I was threatened by patients
Over and over
But they were my patients
I had empathy for them
I understood they were sick
And when you are sick
You are not yourself so much
I hope the police learn how to protect and serve
Not threaten old ladies who are poor with killing
Their children, since their human children are grown
And all they have left for children is dogs and stray cats
It's why I prefer to stay alone
No one threatens me
If I just stay in this house with my dogs
So if I have to stay alone to be safe
I will
Loneliness is better than a dead dog
Who will be with me as a daughter
For at least another few years here
So thank you Ludacris for doing something right
In a movie
Your character was so very human
I thank God for that and you
Even if
I only know you as the star you are
You fill my heart with hope this night
God Bless you, kid.

1/31/2016 2307PST cj  

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