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Walking Alone (for people with mental illness)

Beautiful day, ugly day,
how can you just walk away?
Something inside,
you try to hide.

Sometimes it shows,
sometimes no one knows.
For you how hard,
like digging holes all over your back yard.

Until someone goes into the back yard and sees.
and at that time, does realize what can be.
What is happening to you,
and see what for you, what we can do.

Instead of waiting for your mind to break,
to help you find a way to speak.
Not just for you,
but for others it is true.

The answer is not leaving them alone,  
is the same as giving them a bag full of single stones.
Sooner or later their mind will blow,
and begin to throw those stones.

In the darkness living,
with no way out given.
thinking others should be hurting like you,
Hoping your aim be true.

Do we just set back and do nothing at all,
as we watch others fall.
As we see death come to town now be be so strong.
or do we found a way for them not to be walking alone.


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Walking Alone (for people with mental illness)

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